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 The result of the one-sided and fraudulent referendum at Fiat Mirafiori, is a great example of workers’ resistance and strength and must be translated into a stimulus for all waged and popular sectors towards a large sized revolt against the arrogance of the ruling class and the government ,beginning with the metalworkers’ strike called for the 28 January from Fiom and extended by COBAS as a general strike of all workers.

COBAS call for a general strike in Italy for the 28 January 2011

Comunicato sciopero generale del 28 gennaio 2011 in inglese

15 October in Italy:30% of workers of State School on strike and one hundred thousand in the streets.

Teachers, staff, students, parents and workers of other fields demonstrate in defence of State School as a Common Good

A really great day for the fight to defend a crucial common good which is State School for all people. Figures show us that 30% of workers were on strike, which is an extremely important result considered that our plea to all unions to call a strike together had not been answered and that the responsibility for the initiative bore all upon our shoulder. At least one hundred thousand demonstrators- teachers, staff, students, parents, factory workers and labourers of other fields joined in regional demonstrations called by COBAS, with particularly high presence in Turin (about 20.000) Rome (15.000) Naples (15.000) Palermo and Cagliari (7.000) and Pisa (6.000).

I materiali conclusivi del 6° Forum Sociale Europeo - Istanbul 1 - 4 luglio


I documenti delle Assemblee tematiche e della Assemblea finale (in inglese)

Final Assembly.doc 117,00 kB

Documento finale dell'Assemblea Scuola-Educazione (in italiano)

Appello dell'Assemblea finale (in italiano)

Appello per la giustizia sociale e climatica. Cambiamo il sistema non il clima!

Appello.doc 23,00 kB

7-15 June 2010: successful strike in Italian State school.

Reached the goal of 25 thousand final evaluations blocked

Minister Gelmini is delirious and labels it “a mass media conspiracy”

After the amazing success our struggle goes on.

Figures of the end of year evaluation strike , called by COBAS, are astounding, as an evidence of the enormous discontent towards the “massacre of State School”: we have reached the goal of 25 thousand final evaluations blocked, with tens of thousand “direct” strikers and tens of thousand teachers and staff who took part in “resistance funds”.This strike spread especially in Lazio with about 2700 final evaluations blocked (1600 in Rome), in Sicily with 2400, 1600 in Emilia Romagna, 1500 in Campania and Lombardia, 1300 in Piemonte and Sardinia, 1200 in Tuscany, 1100 in Veneto.

5th June National Demonstration in Rome

Make them pay for their crisis!

Let’s stop the massacre of the Finance Act!

From 7th to 15th June National strikes of State Schools, Public Sector, Public Transport

After a few months of irresponsible optimism regarding the overcoming of the crisis and the stability of the Italian economic situation spread by the goverment led by Mr Berlusconi, now, with a grotesque about turn, the government has launched a “Finance Act massacre” defined “ unavoidable, if we do not want to end up like in Greece”, which once again will hit wage earners, especially in State School and public sector, casual workers, retired people, popular sectors.


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Discutendo di benicomunismo, per un’altra società.

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